Curious about how to start your own business?

Don't want to invest thousands to get your side hustle off the ground?

Want to do a little groundwork before you go all-in on your idea?

The Smart Start-Up Starter Kit is for you!



What the Starter Kit has to offer

The essential foundations from my signature Smart Start-Up Method for building your
first profitable business from the ground up


Work on any device, at any time. Work through the steps at your own pace with access for life including updates


Simplified and practical action from defining your idea through to registration, pricing and marketing


An easy to follow process that will leave you with a practical & actionable business plan


Worksheets and templates for online use or download and print

Ready To Get Started?


The Smart Starter Kit had everything I needed to get my side hustle to become more than just a side thought. It went from overwhelming to exciting once I worked through the Starter Kit.
Highly recommend!



“I love how practical the Smart Starter Kit is. Following the method and putting pen to paper helped me so much when I didn't know where to start. I know I will refer back to this time and time again.”

For The Newbie, Novice & The 'Not Quite Sure'

The Smart Start-Up Method was created with the first time business owner in mind. It's based on the practical and simplified action needed to start a profitable and sustainable business.

The Starter Kit is perfect for -

  • The aspiring business owner that's on the fence about investing hundreds before they've decided to go all-in
  • The 9-5 employee who quite likes the idea of a work from home side hustle for some extra income
  • The hobbyist who is ready to start making money from their passion

What You WILL Find Inside


I will step you through how to write a vision for your future, effective business and life goals and what you want future you to look like.


Create a practical action plan to reach your goals and download my start-up checklist to tick off as you go.


Start taking action by defining your idea, researching the market and your ideal customer. Discover the best ways to test your idea before you launch.


Set a budget and get clear on what needs your investment. Decide on a price you are both confident with and will generate profit. Structure and register your business the smart way.


Create yourself a brand at minimal cost and clearly define how you will market your business to your ideal customer.


Bring all your work together in my practical business plan. Review further resources to support your start-up journey.

What You WON'T Find Inside

  • Hidden Costs - pet peeve of mine. What I have listed here is what you get for your $87 investment. If you're interested in more, let's chat!
  • Fluffy Content - It's not my style. This is a real, practical, implementable course for exactly what it says it is
  • Work Done For You - It's all DIY baby. I will step it out for you but the work is up to you
  • Professional financial or legal advice. It's important that you seek individual advice for you and your circumstances

Hey there, I’m B!

Your whiskey-drinking, “simplify everything,” shoot for the stars start-up mentor and I’ve got a plan for you↓

I know that you’ve spent some serious time contemplating the  “what ifs” and “what abouts” of starting a business. 

You’ve flirted with the idea, but your fears of failure (or success) are keeping you in this state of limbo. 

But here’s how I know that you WILL absolutely crush your first business and it will be the best thing that ever happened to you: 

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of…

- Starting, scaling and operating more than 10 businesses across multiple industries (health care, education, hospitality, project management, recruitment, entertainment, you name it)
- Creating 8-figure revenue streams with multi-million-dollar profits 
- Serving iconic brands such as QBE, Dexus, Ramsay Health Care, and Marriott International

And you know what? I’ve never been the type pre-destined for this level of success. I wasn’t selling lemonade at 6 or even had any inkling of a business dream in my younger days.  

But somewhere in the midst of being relentlessly bullied, questioning my worth, and wading through a range of learning difficulties… I decided to BET ON ME. 

Today, my mission is to help you make that same courageous bet on yourself and to stack the deck in your favour so you can collect that kind of winnings that dreams are made of.

I know the current volatility of the world has left a big question on your mind: 

“Should I be doing this right now?” 

Your worries are valid. But consider that the changes happening in our world are EXACTLY the reasons to take
immediate action to launch your business.

The biggest risk that you face is the risk of not getting to live the life of your dreams because you didn't start.

I'm with you

So, why wait? Start now!

You can register and start building your Smart Start-Up for less than your annual streaming subscription. It's a no brainer.



Will this work for my industry? 

The program is helpful for any industry/business. This is a unique method that I developed and personally deployed across a variety of industries. If you aren't sure if it will work for your idea, let's chat.

Do I need to have an idea? 

Yes, it's best for those who have an idea. However, if you have several ideas and can't settle, this is the perfect program to get you laser-focused.

How long do I have access?

You have access for the life of the program. You will also receive all updates and additional content as we go along.

Is this just for newbie entrepreneurs? 

If you are already in business but feel you haven't set yourself up with solid foundations, I encourage you to implement the same strategies in this program. However, I also offer one-on-one tailored mentoring, and this may be more suitable. Please reach out for further info.

Are there any additional back-end costs once I sign up? 

Nope! That's not my game. What you see is what you get here.

Want to know more, reach out via - I'd love to hear from you.